The Conceptual Field defines the concept(s) to which a term refers in the quotation. Because they express various approaches and belong to different perspectives, some terms and quotations are used in several conceptual fields.

This conceptual field relates to the general definitions of painting, engraving and drawing, their comparison with other arts, as well as quotations referring to the status of the work of art.

This conceptual field concerns the principles that underlie the conception and the execution of a painting, thus linking theory and practice. It also refers to the definition of the parts of the painting.

This conceptual field concerns the subject (the history...) and its implementation in the painting as well as the treatment of groups and figures in compositions.

This conceptual field focuses on the visual effect of a painting through the various ways producing an effect: drawing, touch, colour, light, composition, or visual effects related to perspective, trompe l'oeil.

This conceptual field brings together the two meanings of the term manner: relating to the notion of school or to the more modern notion of style, and to the executive part or handling.

This conceptual field brings together aesthetic concepts around the notions of beauty, sublime, greatness, genius, antiquity, imitation of nature, convenience.

This conceptual field concerns technique (material, specific tools...) as well as the terms related to the technique of drawing, painting and engraving.

This conceptual field concerns the artist: his qualities as well as the learning process, and more generally his practice and the rules and precepts of the painter's profession.

This conceptual field refers to the viewer (painter or amateur) and his judgment upon the work of art. It also concerns the qualities and the necessary knowledge of the different kinds of amateurs and their role in the art market.