GESTALTE (nld.) · POSITUR (deu.) · POSTURE (fra.) · POSTUUR (nld.) · SPRONG (nld.) · STELLUNG (deu.)
ATTITUDE (fra.) · ATTITUDINE (ita.) · POSITION (fra.) · RACCOURCI (fra.)



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Of a Graceful Posture.

The second thing in good Pictures is their
graceful Posture and Proper Actions ; that is, that the true and natural Motion of every thing be expressed in the Life and Spirit of it, that is, to quicken the Life by Art ; as in a King, to express the greatest Majesty by putting or designing him in such a Graceful posture, that may move the Spectators with Reverence to behold him. […]. So in all your Draughts the Inward Affections and Dispositions of the Mind may be most lively exprest in the Outward Action and Gesture of the Body. Now to attain to the Knowledge of this, you ought most diligently to observe the Works of several Famous Masters, and also to follow their Examples, who were used to delight themselves in beholding the Eyes of Private Murtherers, the Actions and Carriages of Wrestlers, and those that fought at Cuffs ; to observe the Actions of Stage-Players, the Inticing Allurements of Curtizans ; and for Thieves that are led to Execution, to mark the Contracting of their Brows, the Motions of their Eyes, and the Carriage of their whole Bodies, to the end they may express them to the Life in their Drawings and Works.

Conceptual field(s)

L’HISTOIRE ET LA FIGURE → action et attitude
CONCEPTS ESTHETIQUES → convenance, bienséance


Of Looseness in Drawing.

The third thing Excellent in a Good Draught is
Loosness, that is, that the Body be not made Stiff in any part, but every Joynt must have its proper Bendings, so as it may with the greater Life express the Intention, that the Figure may not seem lame and the Joynts stiff, as if they were not pliable or capable of Bending ; but every Joynt and Limb may have its proper freeness and looseness, according as it may best sute with and become the Posture in which the Figure is set.

Conceptual field(s)

L’HISTOIRE ET LA FIGURE → action et attitude