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De wijdtlopigheydt der dinghen welcker ghelijckenissen dese dappere kunste soeckt voor te stellen, wordt op een gantsch andere wijse van Socrates verhandelt; de Schilders, seght hy {apud Xenoph. Lib. 3 Apomnem.}, soecken met haere verwen af te beelden verdiepte ende verhooghte, verdonckerde ende verlichte, harde ende sachte, ruyghe ende gladde, nieuwe ende oude lichaemen.

[Suggested translation, Marije Osnabrugge:] The diffuseness of things which similitudees this brave art tries to portray, is treated by Socrates in a completely different manner; the Painters, he says {…}, try to depict with her paints deepened and heightened, darkened and lit, hard and soft, rough and smooth, new and old bodies.

This is one of the few instances in this text where Junius refers directly to the effect of the material, the colours. [MO]


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EFFET PICTURAL → qualité des couleurs