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Dit selvighe is oock veele Schilders wedervaeren; als Aristomenes, Thesius, Polycles, Atramisonus, Nicomachus en verscheyden andere. Want alhoewel het hun aen naerstigheyd, vernuft, en Konst-oeffeningh niet en schorte, nochtans bleven sy verdonckert, en wierden altijd door haere armoede, ramp-spoed, en door d’eensijdighe gunste van eenen hoop partijdighe oordelen in haeren achtbaerheyd verkort wanneer sy met eenighe andere Konstenaers den strijd aenvinghen.

[Suggested translation, Marije Osnabrugge:] Many Painters have experienced the same; like Aristomenes, Thesius, Polycles Atramisonus, Nicomachus and many others. Because although they did not lack diligence, resourcefulness and Art-practice, yet they were overshadowed, and were always shortened in their respectability by their poverty, misfortune, and by the one-sided favor of many prejudiced judgements, when they set out competition with any other Artist.

term translated by STUDIUM in JUNIUS, Franciscus, De pictura veterum libri tres, Amsterdam, Joannes Blaeu, 1637., p.128
term translated by STUDY in JUNIUS, Franciscus, The Painting of the Ancients, in Three Bookes : declaring by Historicall Observations and Examples, the Beginning, Progresse, and Consummation of that most Noble Art. And how those Ancient Artificers attained to their still so much admired Excellencie. Written first in latine by Franciscus Junius, F. F. And now by him englished, with some Additions and Alterations, trad. par JUNIUS, Franciscus, London, Richard Hodgkinsonne, 1638., p.219-220

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