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Of the other different particular Studies in Painting.

The different Inclinations of Men do affect and delight to Draw one thing more then another, because either they are more pleased and prone to that which they do phansie, then to any other thing which they do not ; or else they make choice of such a Branch of Painting as is easily attained unto, because they cannot arrive to that Perfection of Drawing History, which comprehends the Study of the whole Art. Therefore the particular Studies, which are of general practice, are these which follow ; First, one phansies or betakes himself to draw Picture by the Life, another to draw Land-Battels of Horse and Foot, another Sea-fights, Storms, Calms and Sea-havens, &c. another all manner of Huntings, another Landskips or Landviews, another Fruits, another Still Life, as Instruments, Globes, Books, Deaths Heads, &c. another phasies to draw all manner of Beasts, another all manner of Fowls, another of manner of  Fish, and another all sorts of Flowers ; some phansie Perspective, other Architecture or Building, &c.

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