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First, let the thing, whose pourtrature you intend to take, stand before you, so that the light be not hindred from falling upon it, and with a pointed peece of charcoale draw it rustically ; which when you have done, consider a while whether all the parts thereof are proportionable, and whether it carry the semblance of the thing that you drew it from, which if it do not, wipe it out with your wing, and begin anew : but if it be faulty in one part onely, wipe onely that part out, and draw it againe ; whensoever it liketh you, or that you have so drawne it, that you can finde no great fault in it ; wipe it over gently with your wing, so that you may perceive the former strokes : then with your blacke chalke, or blacke lead plummets, draw it as perfectly, and as curiously as you can, and shadow it according as the light falleth upon it ; This way is workeman like, and the most difficult of all, yet by a little practice may easily be attained unto: so that the persons stand well affected unto the Art.

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