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Noch soo wordt de Schilder-Konst seer wel met de Poesye daer in vergheleken, dat soo wel d'eene als d'andere met een dapper vermaeckelicke beweginghe in onse herten insluypen, alwaer sy ons verslaegen ghemoedt door d'aenlockelickheydt van een aenghenaeme verwonderingh soo gheweldigh beroeren ende ontstellen, dat wy 't ghene naegeboetst is voor 't waere aennemen.

[Suggested translation, Marije Osnabrugge:] Similarly the Art of Painting compares very well with Poetry, as the one as well as the other sneaks into our hearts with a brave entertaining movement, where it moves and startles our defeated mind by the attraction of a pleasant astonishment in which we accept that which has been imitated for real.

term translated by ADMIRATIO in JUNIUS, Franciscus, De pictura veterum libri tres, Amsterdam, Joannes Blaeu, 1637., p. 30
term translated by / in JUNIUS, Franciscus, The Painting of the Ancients, in Three Bookes : declaring by Historicall Observations and Examples, the Beginning, Progresse, and Consummation of that most Noble Art. And how those Ancient Artificers attained to their still so much admired Excellencie. Written first in latine by Franciscus Junius, F. F. And now by him englished, with some Additions and Alterations, trad. par JUNIUS, Franciscus, London, Richard Hodgkinsonne, 1638., p. 54

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