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It must be consider’d they [ndr : les cartons de Raphaël] were made for Patterns for Tapistry, not profess’d Pictures, and painted, not in Oil, but in Distemper : If therefore one sees not the Warmth, and Mellowness, and Delicacy of Colouring which is to be found in Correggio, Titian, or Rubens, it may fairly be imputed in a great measure to these Causes. A Judicious Painter has other Considerations relating to the Colouring when he makes Patters for Tapistry to be heightned with Gold, and Silver, than when he paints a Picture without such View ; nor can a sort of Dryness, and Harshness be avoided in Distemper, upon Paper : Time moreover has apparently chang’d some of the Colours. In a word, the Tout-Ensemble of the Colours is Agreeable, and Noble ; and the Parts of it are in General Extreamly, but not Superlatively Good.



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