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I have many times observ’d with a great deal of Pleasure the admirable Composition (besides other Excellencies) of a Fruit-piece of Michelangelo Compadoglio, which I have had many Years. The principal Light is near the Centre (not Exactly there, for those Regularities have an ill effect ;) and the Transition from thence, and from one thing to another, to the Extremities of the Picture all round is very Easy, and Delightful ; in which he has employ’d fine Artifices by Leaves, Twigs, little Touches of Lights striking advantageously, and the like. So that there is not a Stroke in the Picture without its Meaning ; and the whole, tho’ very Bright, and consisting of a great many Parts, has a wonderful Harmony, and Repose.

Conceptual field(s)

GENRES PICTURAUX → nature morte
EFFET PICTURAL → qualité de la lumière