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(...) we do no doubt to affirm, that by the application of this Art [n.d.r. Art of Chalcography] alone, not only Children ; but even Stripplings well advanc’d in Age, might receive incredible advantages, preparatory to their entrance into the Schoole Intellectual, by an Universal, and choice Collection of prints and cuts well design’d, engraven and dispos’d, much after the manner and method of the above nam’d Villeloin, which should contain, as it were, a kind of Encyclopaedia of all intelligible, and memorable things that either are, or have ever been in rerum Natura. It is not to be conceived of what advantage this would prove for the Institution of Princes and Noble Persons, who are not to be treated with the ruder difficulties of the vulgar Grammar Schooles only, and abstruser Notions of things in the rest of the sciences, without these Auxiliaries ; but to be allur’d, and courted into knowledge, and the love of it by all such subsidiaries and helps as may best represent it to them in Picture, Nomenclator,  and the most pleasing descriptions of sensual Objects, which naturally slide into their fluid, ad tender apprehensions, speedily possessing their memories, and with infinite delight, preparing them for the more profound and solid studies. […]

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