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The truth is, ‘tis a little choquing to see such a Mixture of Antique, and Modern Figures, of Christianity, and Heathenism in the same Pictures [ndr : Le cycle de Marie de Médicis par Rubens] ; but this is much owing to its Novelty. […] He had moreover Another very good Reason for what he did on this Occasion : The Stories he had to paint were Modern, and the Habits, and Ornaments must be so too, which would not have had a very agreeable effect in Painting : These Allegorical Additions make a wonderful Improvement ; they vary, enliven, and enrich the Work ; as any one may perceive that will imagine the Pictures as they must have been, had Rubens been terrified by the Objections which he certainly must have foreseen would be made afterwards, and so had left all these Heathen Gods, and Goddesses, and the rest of the Fictitious Figures out of the Composition.

term translated by ALLÉGORIQUE in RICHARDSON, Jonathan, Traité de la Peinture, Par Mr. Richardson, le Père, Tomes I. et II. Contenant, Tome I. Un Essai sur la Théorie de la Peinture ; Tome II. Un Essai sur l'art de critiquer, en fait de Peinture ; & un Discours sur la Sience d'un Connoisseur. Traduit de l'Anglois; Revu & Corrigé par l'Auteur., trad. par RUTGERS, Antoine, Amsterdam, Herman Uytwerf, 1728, 2 vol., vol. I., p. 88-89.

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