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As the Rules of Mesure and Proportion have an universal influence upon all the Action of our lives ; it was a memorable, and noble saying of a great Person of our Nation, discoursing to us once concerning the dignity of Painting, and the arts which attend it : That one who could not Designe a little, would never make an honest man {Thomas Earl of Arundel L. Marsh. of England} : How that observation succeeds in the general, we have not made it much our observation ; but this we are bold to pronounce. That he shall never attain to the excellency of a good Chalcographer, who is not more then ordinarily skill’d in the faculty and art of Drawing ; a thing so highly necessary, that Donatellus was wont to tell his Disciples (discoursing sometimes concerning the accomplishment of this Art) that to deliver it in a single word, he would say, DESIGNE ; because it was the very Basis and Foundation, not only of this, but even of all those free and noble Sciences of Fortification, Architecture, Perspective, and whatsoever also pretended to any affinity with the Mathematicks, as really leading the Van, and perfective of them all.

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