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The Grecians had this Art in so high esteem, that they made an Edict, that no Slave should be admitted to learn this Art ; and good reason, because this Art should onely be permitted to those that were of a Free, Ingenious, Noble Mind, and such as excelled others in their sharp Ingenuity ; and this Noble Mind is soon espied in him who hath a delight to such a Liberal Art.
The Ancient Romans ordered their Children so, that among other Liberal Sciences The Art of Limning was enjoyned to them to learn. Which Commendable thing long before this was in practice among the Grecians, so that their Youth of a good Descent added to their Liberal Learnings of Geometrie, Musick, and other Mathematical Sciences, The Art of Painting also ; for this Art hath been so highly esteemed, that amongst the Feminine Sex it was held a great Honour if they had affected and delighted themselves in such an Honourable Exercise ; as the Faithful Histories bear witness of the most Potent Roman VARRO’s Daughter, called MARTIA, that she had good skill in The Art of Limning.

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