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Well Designed.
[…] ; there must be truth in every part, and
Proportion of the figure, just and Naturall with the Life. Some artizans, strain Limbs into extreams. Albert Durar, Golties, Spranger, did so, in that which was ; and Michael Angelo, in that which should be ; and thereby in truth, loose the gracefulness.
{Of Factions.} But then, if an Artizan adventure on a
Fiction, it will appeare lesse pleasing, unless it be done boldly ; not only to exceed the worke, (but also the possibility) of Nature ; […].
{Difference of Naturall and feigned Figures.} The
Naturall figures indeed, shew property and decencie to delight common Judgement ; and the forced figures, may be the sign of the Novelty in expression, and pleasing the Excitation of the mind ; for Novelty causeth admiration, and admiration enforces curiosity, the delightfull appetite of the mind.
And certainely from an Artizan’s excellencies, proceed those extravagant varieties, or admirable Novelties, which are not the issues of an idle brain, or to be found within the compass of a narrow conception ; but please the Eyes, like new straines of Musick to the Eares, when common ayres become insipid.
{And with Grace.}
Grace, is the bold and free disposing of the hand in the whole draught of the designe. […].

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