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and I believe it very rarely happens, that any One Circumstance of Life is so well consider’d as it might be with the Design of extracting all possible Pleasures from it. However (besides that of Connoissance which is my main Business, and which I shall fully prosecute anon) I will not omit One which every body finds the benefit of in some measure, but which might be improv’d to a Vast Degree, and that is the getting a fine Collection of Mental Pictures ; what I mean is furnishing the Mind with Pleasing Images ; whether of things Real, or Imaginary ; whether of our own forming, or borrow’d from Others. This is a Collection which every one may have, and which will finely employ every vacant moment of ones time. I will give a Specimen or two in these in the Delicate, and in the Great kind, or to speak more like a Connoisseur, in the Parmeggiano, and in the Rafaelle Taste ;

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