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CHAP. XVI. To extend or contract a Picture keeping in the proportion.
I. Encompass your picture with one great square, which divide into as many little ones as you please : this done, according as you would have your picture either greater or less, make another square greater or less, which divide into as many equal squares, which be drawn with a black lead plummet.
            II. Take your black lead pen, and draw the picture by little and little, passing from square into square, (by the example of the pattern) until you have gone all over with it : observing, that in what part of the square the picture lies, you draw the like part in the square answerable thereto, till you have finished the whole.
            III. Then draw it over with a pen, in which second drawing of it you may easily mend any fault, and shadow it at pleasure.
Lastly, when it is throughly dry, rub it over with the crum of white-bread, and it will take off all the black lead stroaks, so will your draught remain fair upon the paper.

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