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HATCHED (eng.)
HATCHED (eng.)



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Je n’ajoûteray point icy d’instruction particuliere pour une infinité d’autres Sujets, elle n’est pas necessaire, & ce petit Traite est déja moins succint que je me l’estoit proposé ; je diray seulement en general, que les Fruits, les Poissons, les Serpens, & toutes sortes de Reptilles, doivent estre touchez de la maniere des Figures, c’est à dire, hachez ou pointillez.
Mais les oyseaux, & tous les autres Animaux, se font par Traits comme les Fleurs.

term translated by HATCHED in BOUTET, Claude, The Art of Painting in Miniature: Teaching The speedy and perfect Acquisition of that Art without a Master. By Rules so easy, and in a Method so natural as to render this charming Accomplishment universally attainable. Containing I. The Difference between Painting in Miniature, and other Kinds of Painting. II. The Management of Colours in Draperies, Linnen, Lace, Furrs, &c. III. The Method of mixing Colours for Carnations ; for painting of Architecture, or any Building of Stone or Wood ; for Landskips, Terrasses, Water, Ruins, Rocks, &c. IV. The Art of Painting all Sorts of Flowers, with the proper Colours required to represent Nature to the highest Perfection. V. The various Methods of Painting. Translated from the Original French. The Fourth Edition. To which are now added, I. Certain Secrets of one of the greatest Italian Painters for making the finest Colours, Burnished Gold, Shell Gold, &c. II. Some general instructive Lessons for the Art of Drawing. And III. The Usefulness and Benefit of Prints, London, J. Hodges - J. James - T. Cooper, 1739., p. 83-84

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