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The manner of Laying the Ground Flesh-colour for a Face to be wrought upon with Cryons.

The best way is to colour the Paper that you intend to Draw on with a Carnatian or Flesh-colour, near the Complexion on the Party you intend to draw after ; […]. And because many times the Pastils will not sharpen to so good a point as Black or Red Chalk, you must be extremely careful to close and finish all your Work at last with Red and Black Chalk, which you may sharpen at your pleasure. I shall not need to insist upon particulars of this manner of Drawing, but if you please to take a view of that Book of Pictures, which are all drawn by the Life, by the Incomparable Hand of Hans Holbean, […] you will find something in those Ruines an Admirable Hand and Rare Manner of Working ; who with few Lines and little Labour expressed the Life so Extraordinarily well, that by many they are esteemed not much Inferiour to his Admirable Works in Oyl.

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