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Chap. I, Of Etching with Aqua fortis.
There are several ways for
Etching, and several Grounds of divers colours, used by several men. I shall deliver here onely one, and that so familiar, easie, and true, that I believe there is not a better Ground, nor a more accurate way performing the work intended, than that which shall be here taught ; it being the only way, so many years practised, and to this day continued by that unparallel’d designer and incomparable Etcher in Aqua fortis, Mr. Hollar ; the manner of performing the whole work is as followeth.

To make Mr. Hollar’s Ground, and how to Etch in Copper, and what Instruments ought to be used in the practice thereof.
Take three parts of
Virgins Wax, one part of Asphaltum, one part of the best Mastick […] ; so is your Ground prepared.

How to prepare your Copper.
Your Copper must be well planisht, that it may lie level ; and before you lay on the Ground, take your Plate, and with a Charcoal well burnt, coal it over with very clean water ; then wash it off with clean Water never used before, and set it sloping to run off ; when it is dry, then scrape some Chalk fine all over it, and with a very clean fine rag rub it over ; but let not your fingers touch upon the Plate, till you have put the Ground on, which you must lay on thus.

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