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Of painting in Oyle.
Here you must provide one thing more then you did before : that is, a Pallet (so called by Artists) whereupon you must put a small quantitie of every such colour you are to use, the forme whereof followeth [ndr : présence d’un dessin de palette au dessous de ce paragraphe].

The colours to be used, are altogether such dry substances as I mentioned formerly : as Oker, Vermilion red lead, Umber, Spanish browne, Lam-blacke, Gambugice, Masticot, Orpment, Ceruse, or Spanish white, blew and greene Bise, Verdigrease, and a multitude of such like, which may be had at the Rose in
Cornehill, London.
Your colours must be ground all very finely, and tempered with Linseed oyle ; and to preserve them, put them in little earthen pans, and put water upon them, and cover them, that the dust come not at them : thus they may be kept a great while, and from thence you may take them as your use doth require.
There are divers colours which without the admixture of another colour, will not be dry a great while ; as Lake, Verdigrease, Lam-blacke : with such you must temper a little Umber or red lead.
Divers Painters there are, that having haste of worke, doe use to temper their colour with one part of fatte oyle, and two of common Linseed oyle, and by this meanes they make the colours dry the sonner : this fat oyle is onely Linseed oyle exposed to the weather, and so it becommeth thicker : yea sometimes you shall see it so thicke, that you may cut it almost like Butter : it may bee made likewise by boyling of it a little while, but the former is the best. As for the tempering of your colours, I can prescribe no surer way then experience with diligent observation.

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MATERIALITE DE L’ŒUVRE → technique de la peinture


Chap. I. Of the Names of your Colours, and how to Grind and order them.

The Names of the Colours in Oyl.
Lamp-black. / Seacoal-black. / Ivory-black. / Charcoal-black. / Earth of Colen.
Verdigrease. / Terra vert. / Verditer.
Bise. / Indico. / Smalt. / Ultamarine.
Vermilion. / Red-Lead. / Lake. / India-Red. / Ornotto.
Pink. / Masticote. / English Oker. / Orpiment. / Spruse Oker.
Brown, Burnt Spruse, Umber.

These are the chief Colours that are used in Painting in Oyl, the most part of which are to be grownd very fine upon your Stone with a Muller, with Linseed-Oyl : some must be Burnt before they be Grownd ; others must be only temper’d upon the Pallat, and not grownd at all.
The Colours to be burnt are these :
Ivory, Spruse, Oker, and Umber.
The Colours that are not to be Grownd at all, but only tempered with Oyl upon your Pallat, are these :
Lamp-black, Verditer, Vermilion, Bise, Smalt, Masticote, Orpiment, Ultamarine.
All the rest are to be Grownd upon your Stone with Linseed-Oyl ; only White-Lead, when you are to use that for Linnen, you must grind it with Oyl of Walnuts, for Linseed-Oyl will make it turn yellow.

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